How to travel Francois Peron Nationalpark – Meet the Devil!

17. November 2019

Read in the following sections how to travel Francois Peron Nationalpark best! Cape Peron is mostly famous for the dolphin interactions at Monkey Mia. But it is worth staying a bit longer, because all of Shark Bay and Francois Peron Nationalpark has so much more to offer.

Learn about the Hamelin Pool Stromatolites

With their 3.5 bio years they are considered the oldest living fossils in the world. The reason why they grow so well in shark bay is its high salt contain. We were fascinated by those oldies and considered them as quite beautiful.

Count the shells at Shell Beach

Similar to the Stromatolites the shells at shell beach benefit from the fact that their predators avoid such salty waters. And so the shells created a beach of about 60km in length and up to 10m in dept.

When we were there it was super windy and would this have been a sandy beach, we would have been covered with it. But thanks to the weight of the shells this wasn’t an issue at all.

Look out for marine life at the Eagle Bluff Lookout

This is for sure the best spot reachable by 2WD to see marine life. We saw several sharks on their search for food, stingrays were doing their circles and from time to time a turtle was making her way to the surface.

Fly over the Little Lagoon

Only a 5min drive from Denham is little lagoon. The lagoon looks nice from the ground but gets absolutely amazing when you look at it from the air. Therefore, we sent up Melvin, our flying travel buddy, to take some breathtaking photos.

Watch the dolphins in Monkey Mia

There is no secured explanation why this beautiful bay is called Monkey Mia but there is a secured explanation why people go there – dolphins. They come every morning to receive a small portion of fish. Actually only 10% of their daily need, to ensure that they still keep hunting.

There are three feeding times, 7.45, 9.15 and 10.30 and while there are way too many people at the first feeding, it is way relaxer at the second and third. We went two times to the feeding and we got lucky the second day. Daniela got selected to feed a fish to Piccolo and her smile didn’t disappear for the entire day.

Take a 4WD tour to the Francois Peron National Park

After spending the night at James Price Point close to Broome, we were convinced that a coastline could not get any more beautiful. Well, Garth from Shark Bay Coastal Tours showed us, that it is possible.

Because our beloved Tony is many things, but not a 4WD vehicle, we booked this tour and saw everything from thorny animals, to spectacular coastal cliffs.

Shortly after entering the park with Garth we passed the first deep sand part and were certain that Tony would have never made it through. We started off with Cattle Well, the Gregories and Bottle Bay and were immediately taken by the beauty of the red earth, the steep walls and all the marine life we were able to spot.

Cape Peron was absolutely stunning. There were Dugongs, Stingrays and sharks swimming in the shallow waters and the red cliff and the turquoise waters looked simply breathtaking. It is difficult to describe how beautiful this place was, but it was for sure one of the most amazing places we have ever been to.

Couple sitting on the edge of Cape Peron Beach with view over the Ocean
Spotting the Thorny Devil

And on the way back another highlight struck us. Garth suddenly stopped the car in the middle of the road and asked us to step outside. And there we saw him with his thorn bush like appearance – the Thorny Devil. He first tried to hide from us by standing completely still and pretending to be a tree branch.  But after a while he tried to walk off in his unique way. He moved in a rocky way, pretending to be a branch that was moving in the wind and tried to steel himself away from us. It was fascinating to look at him with all his thorns but after some time we finally had to let him go and returned to our campsite in Denham absolutely happy about everything we experienced that day. We hope you found out your best way how to travel Francois Peron Nationalpark and enjoy your trip!

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