Caye Caulker - San Ignacio

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for 2 persons, 7 nights
in September 2018

The Club, Caye Caulker

A nice room in a hotel with a lovely pool to meet people. Direct at the beach. The rooms are from different Airbnb owner and managed by a small front desk. For breakfast you get bagel and coffee – you only need your own cream cheese.

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Venus Hotel, San Ignacio

A midrange hotel in the middle of San Ignacio and a good starting point for the famous ATM tour with Mayawalk Tours.

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for 2 persons,
in September 2018

Cancún – Belize City

Night bus
22.15 – 07.00 Cancún – Belize City
Border crossing at around 04.00
USD 88 (one way)

Belize City – Caye Caulker

5min Bus Station to Ferry Port

1h Belize City – Caye Caulker
USD 29 (retour)

Tip: In Belize you can pay with Belize$ or US$. 1US$ = 2Belize$. The prices are always in Belize$, don’t misunderstand that, they like it.

Caye Caulker – Belize City


Belize City – San Ignacio

USD 30



for 2 persons,
in September 2018

2nd greatest Barrier Reef

  • Black Durgon Dives
  • Coral Canyons
  • Health Corals, rays & nursesharks
  • 2 tank dive with 2 snorkel stop
  • USD 200

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    We didn’t dive the bucket list dive “The Blue Hole” because for us it was to expensive for this kind of dive (around USD 300 p.P. for 3 tanks).

    ATM Cave Tour

    The famous ATM Tour: Actun Tunichil Muknal – a historical mayan site!

  • Daytrip with Guide
  • 45min Hike through Jungle
  • 4h in the cave
  • Epic and unforgettable adventour
  • USD 170

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