West Coast

Broome - Exmouth - Cape Peron - Kalbarri - Perth

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West Coast

Splashing Waterfalls

Day 1-2: Litchfield NP
Day 3: Kununurra (on the road)
Day 4: Fitzroy (on the road)

Situated right next to the big Kakadu NP, Litchfield NP easily gets forgotten but is so worth a visit. Reserve about one or two days to see all its attractions and you will not be disappointed.

West Coast

Red Earth & Turquoise Waters

Day 5-8: Broome
Day 9: James Price Point

After two days of driving from Litchfield NP you finally reach the beautiful coastal town of Broom. With its white sandy beaches and the red cliffs, it is an absolute highlight of every Australia trip.

West Coast

Diving & Snorkeling

Day 10: Port Hedland (on the road)
Day 11-14: Exmouth
Day 15-16: Cape Range NP

This former US and now AU navy base is located right next to the stunning Ningaloo Reef. And this reef is also the reason why you have to include Exmouth and the Cape Range NP in your Australia trip.

West Coast

Name is Program

Day 17-19: Coral Bay
Day 20: Carnarvon (on the road)

Coral Bay is the other town right at the Ningaloo Reef. But maybe the name town overstates it a bit, as by the 2006 census it only had 160 inhabitants. But this number skyrockets during the Australian holiday season as it is a real tourist magnet with its perfect beaches and a reef so close you basically stumble over it.

West Coast

Dolphins & Devils

Day 21-22: Monkey Mia
Day 23-25: Denham

Cape Peron is mostly famous for the dolphin interactions at Monkey Mia. But it is worth staying a bit longer, because it has so much more to offer:

– Learn about the Hamelin Pool Stromatolites
– Count the shells at Shell Beach
– Look out for marine life at the Eagle Bluff Lookout
– Fly over the Little Lagoon
– Watch the dolphins in Monkey Mia
– Take a 4WD tour into the Francois Peron National Park

West Coast

Rocky Gorges & iconic views

Day 26-27: Kalbarri

The Loop Walk in Kalbarri NP is 8km long and it takes about 3-5 hours and a bit of fitness to complete it. The path starts at Nature’s Window, then follows the rim, before it goes down into the valley and along the Murchison River.

West Coast

Playful Sea Lions

Day 28: Jurien Bay

This is probably one of the best things you can do at the Australian West Coast. Those creatures are so elegant and adorable and swimming with them fulfills you with so much joy it is difficult to put it in words.

West Coast

Western Koalas?

Day 29: Yanchep NP

Yanchep NP is probably the only place in Western Australia where you can find Koalas. Unfortunately they are not wild as they have been imported from South Australia. But as they are free from diseases the park authorities are in the process of setting up a breeding program with the goal to release them into the wild.

West Coast

Big City Life at World’s End

Day 30-32: Perth

Actually Auckland is the most remote city of more than a million inhabitants, but Perth for sure feels more remote. But it is home to two million people and so big, that a bit of orientation is quite helpful.

West Coast

Biking Fever on Rottnest

Day 33: Rottnest Island

The absolute must do when in Perth is Rottnest Island. The most convenient way to reach it is by ferry and the best way to get around is by bike. And the best thing to do there is to take a selfie with a Quokka.

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