South Australia

Streaky Bay - Port Lincoln - Clare & Barossa Valley - Adelaide

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South Australia

Bobtails everywhere!

Day 1-2: Cactus Beach
Day 3-4: Streaky Bay

After driving all the way through the Nullarbor you finally reach the Eyre Peninsula. This peninsula is so big and has so much to offer that you better plan a couple of days there.

At its west side there is a perfect surf spot to find at Cactus Beach, a pink lake to picture at Point Sinclair, a picturesque rock pool to swim in at Point Brown and the area around Streaky Bay with its Sea Lion colony, the woolshed cave and Murphys Haystack.

South Australia

Oysters & Limestone Cliffs

Day 5: Coffin Bay

This place is almost right at the tip of the Eyre Peninsula and it is not only home to the best rock pool in the area at Greenly Beach. It is also home to the Coffin Bay NP with the beautiful Almonta Beach.

South Australia

Eyre’s Wild Eastcoast

Day 6-9: Port Lincoln
Day 10-11: Tumby Bay

The east side of the Eyre Peninsula is as beautiful as the west side. There is Port Lincoln with its fantastic sea food and the Lincoln NP with its sand dunes at the Wanna lookout, seals at Donington beach and a great place to swim at September beach.

For those who love street art, will feel in heaven in Tumby Bay and for those who love Lighthouses, there is actually a beautiful one at Point Lowly.

South Australia

Coastal Wines

Day 12-13: Clare Valley
Day 14: Barossa Valley
Day 15: Adelaide
Day 16-17: McLaren Vale

South Australia is home to some of the best wine regions in Australia. They are way more casual than the ones in Margaret River. So casual, that it is not rare to see Australian families with their kids there and everyone is having a good time. There is Clare Valley with its outstanding Riesling, Barossa Valley with its superb Shiraz and McLaren Vale with its festivals and stylish vineries.

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