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for 2 persons,
costs in July 2016


It’s a beautiful hotel with modern rooms around the corner of NYC famous Times Square. In your closest neighbourhood are several theaters of the Broadway and the well known Hard Rock Cafe for some huge american burgers. Next time we would book a hotel in the Chelsea, Greenwhich or Lower Manhatten closer to little Italy, but for a touristic trip to NYC it was the perfect starting point.

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Airbnb – Eaton Center

That was our first booking with Airbnb and we were very pleased. We never met the owner, but it was perfectly organised. The keys were in a small box with a code which we got previous to our arrival and the small room was nicely furnished and clean. We lived close to the Eaton Center and St Lawrence Market which is perfect to get really tasty food.

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The Time Hotel

Wow, this hotel at the NYC Times Square was the best! The bed was perfect for a long night with endless dreams – unfortunately in NYC you can’t get to much sleep anyway. But the rooms are ultra modern, stylish and sooo comfortable. If you want to stay really in the middle of NYC this is the place to be.

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for 2 persons,
costs in July 2016

Zurich – New York JFK

  • via Dusseldorf
  • Air Berlin
  • 14.55 – 19.25
  • 10h
  • Round trip
  • NY Newark – Toronto

  • Direct Flight
  • Airline: Porter
  • 10.05 – 11.35
  • 1h 30min
  • Round trip

  • Tipp: Try to get a bus or share a Taxi to the Newark Airport. Taxis outside of Manhatten charge a ridiculous high amount for this ride.

    Toronto – NY Newark

  • Direct Flight
  • Airline: Porter
  • 10.55 – 12.25
  • 1h 30min
  • New York JFK – Zurich

  • via Dusseldorf
  • Air Berlin
  • 21.25 – 14.15 (+1)
  • 10h
  • Activities


    for 2 persons,
    costs in July 2016

    NYC Sightseeing

    Times Square

  • Enjoy all the lights in the evening
  • Attend a Broadway Musical
  • Our favourit: Lion King!

    5th Ave

  • Lunch @Rockefeller Center Summer Garden
  • … or ice skating in front of the Rockefeller Center in Winter
  • NY Public Library
  • Shopping
  • See the Grand Central Terminal
  • Climb top of Empire State Building
  • Flatiron Building

  • Downtown

  • 9/11 Memorial
  • NY Stock Exchange & the bull
  • Wall Street
  • Trinity Church
  • Boat Tour with a View to Statue of Liberty

  • Brooklyn

  • Walk over the Brooklyn Bridge
  • Brooklyn Bridge Park

  • Tipp: You can book a Gray Line Tour with bus & boat and hop-on-off at all important spots of Manhatten. Especially the boat tour around the harbour is one of our highlights!

    NYC Relaxing

  • Stroll the Central Park
  • Walk over The High Line
  • Battery Park
  • Brooklyn Bridge Park – View of Manhatten
  • NYC Fine Food

  • Visit the Chelsea Market & eat fine pasta
  • Dinner @Ellen’s Stardust
  • Dinner @Tao Uptown
  • Hard Rock Cafe for burgers & beers
  • Front St area
  • NYC Party & Drinks

  • Party @Meatpacking District
  • Drinks with a View @Top of the Strand Bar
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    NYC & Toronto

    New York City

    Day 1-4: Row NYC
    Day 9-10: The Time Hotel

    New York is wonderful. It offers so many things to explore that it is difficult to focus on just a few highlights. Climbing the top of the Empire State Building in the evening is one of them. The view over the city at night is literally outstanding. The bull at Wall Street is also worth a visit, especially because by any hour of the day it is surrounded by Chinese who are grabbing him by the balls. Walking Brooklyn Bridge back to Manhattan is also recommended. Not only because it is an exceptionally beautiful bridge but also because it offers you the chance to walk into the big apple.

    In case you need a quick break from the big city, Central Park is just the place to go. You can spend an afternoon in the nature crossing countless bridges and if it would still be 2016 watch people hunting Pokémon, but maybe they are hunting something else meanwhile.

    Highline park is also such a place to escape. It is a park built on an old highline track containing plants and relaxation areas and there are always some street artists performing.

    Great food you can find in many places but Chelsea market and little Italy are definitely worth a visit. At the Stardust Diner you only get average food but served from the most outstanding waiters and waitresses, because they are all outstanding singers and they recite musicals while they are serving your table.

    NYC & Toronto


    Day 5-8: Airbnb Eaton Center

    Toronto offers such a high quality in life that more than 50% of its inhabitants migrated there from outside of Canada and the Canadians are proud of it. Compared to ten years ago, at the beachfront alone more than one million additional people found a new home.
    Talking about Canadians, they are super friendly – almost cliché like. You can meet some random Canadians at a bar and ending up spending the entire evening with them.

    As the city center is relatively small you can easily stroll around the city, have a coffee at Second Cup Coffee, explore beautiful Toronto Island or go for dinner at the rotating restaurant at the top of CN-Tower. Just make sure you bring a jacket to the restaurant as the Canadians like it cold.

    NYC & Toronto

    Niagara Falls & Winery

    Day 7: Day-Trip to Niagara Falls

    With a rental car you can easily reach the Niagra Falls in about one and a half hour and they are simply mind blowing. The amount of water going down those falls every minute is hard to imagine. Make sure to hop on a boat tour to the falls as not only it offers you a nice refreshment but also a complete different angle on this natural spectacle.

    There are some beautiful wineries around Niagra-on-the-lake where you can taste some delicious wine, meat, cheese and bread. At Peller Estates you can also do a tour where you learn a lot about the estate, how they produce their wine and even enjoy some ice wine in an ice chamber.

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