Stuck in the Sand with no Water

1. November 2019

After two days of driving from Litchfield Nationalpark you finally reach the beautiful coastal town of Broome. With its white sandy beaches and the red cliffs, it is an absolute highlight of every Australia trip.

Watch the Camels at Cable Beach

This is no joke, there actually are camels at Cable Beach and every evening they ride into the sunset. The tourists sitting on them don’t look particularly elegant but the whole caravan makes a great photo subject.

Search for Dinosaurs at Guntheaume Point

When you go there at a very low tide and you are patient enough, then you can actually find one or more dinosaur foot prints. That is quite impressive when you think about the fact that they wandered around more than 400 million years ago. There are also many rock pools to explore but they are only filled with water when the tide was high enough before it dropped.

Get colorblind at Simpson Beach

The color combination of Roebuck Bay and especially this beach is simply mind-blowing. The sand is completely red, the water blue and the mangroves green. And even though this beach looks so unique, we had it completely to our own.

Spend the night at James Price Point

This place is so beautiful it is difficult to believe that it is real. The cliffs are red, the sand is white and the water turquoise. There is a free campsite with no facilities and with some driving skills it can also be reached with a 2WD.

We stayed the night and shared the entire campsite with only one other vehicle. It was a night to remember during which we felt as remote as we could imagine.

Don’t get stuck on your way to Willy Creek

This creek right next to the Pearl Farm must be absolutely stunning. Even though the sign said 4WD recommended we thought that Tony could make it. In the beginning it looked ok, and we were motivated as we reached James Price Point already, but then the sand turned from red to white and became really soft. When we realized this, it was already too late and no space to turn around. So we tried to make it through the deepest spots with enough speed. But Tony is simply no off-roader and so we got high centered and couldn’t move forward or backward anymore. Digging also didn’t help as Tony’s wheels barely touched the ground anymore. We also didn’t have a lot of drinking water left and the sun burnt hotter and hotter.

Luckily, we had a weak cellphone reception but when calling the towing service, we got informed that this service would cost us 770 Australian Dollars. Before we accepted this offer, we kept digging and about 30 minutes later an Aussi couple with a gigantic 4×4 showed up and dragged us out of our misery. We thanked them with a six pack of beer and celebrated big when we were back in Broome.

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