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Playing around with Sea Lions

This is probably one of the best things you can do at the Australian West Coast. Those creatures are so elegant and adorable and swimming with them fulfills you with so much joy it is difficult to put it in words. The sea lions you swim with are females and teenagers as the male adults […]

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How to travel Francois Peron Nationalpark – Meet the Devil!

Read in the following sections how to travel Francois Peron Nationalpark best! Cape Peron is mostly famous for the dolphin interactions at Monkey Mia. But it is worth staying a bit longer, because all of Shark Bay and Francois Peron Nationalpark has so much more to offer. Learn about the Hamelin Pool Stromatolites With their […]

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Swimming with Manta Rays

Coral Bay is the other town right at the Ningaloo Reef. But maybe the name town overstates it a bit, as by the 2006 census it only had 160 inhabitants. But this number skyrockets during the Australian holiday season as it is a real tourist magnet with its perfect beaches and a reef so close […]

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Snorkel the Ningaloo Reef

The next best thing after diving is snorkeling and the best spot to do so is Turquois Bay in the Cape Range Nationalpark. And this bay absolutely deserves its name. The water is so perfect and the reef so close to shore that you simply can’t miss it. And thanks to the current you don’t […]

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Better than the Great Barrier Reef

Only about 1’500km further or two days of driving from Broome you reach Exmouth. This former US and now AU navy base is located right next to the stunning Ningaloo Reef. And this reef is also the reason why you have to include Exmouth in your Australia trip. Dive the Ningaloo Reef The best way […]

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