Tikal - Flores - Rio Dulce - Lago de Atítlan - Antigua Guatemala

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for 2 persons, 23 nights
in September 2018

Jungle Lodge, Tikal

Casazul, Flores

Hacienda Tijax, Rio Dulce

Homestay, San Pedro

Los Pasos, Antigua



for 2 persons, 23 nights
in September 2018

San Ignacio – Tikal

  • by Collectivo
  • 1h 25min
  • $27
  • Tikal – Flores

  • by Collectivo
  • 16.00 – 17.00
  • 1h
  • $10
  • Flores – Rio Dulce

  • by Minivan
  • 06.00 – 10.00
  • 4h
  • $24
  • Rio Dulce – San Pedro

  • by Bus
  • 03.00 – 09.00
  • 5h
  • Stop 1: Guatemala City
  • 11.00 – 12.00
  • 1h
  • Stop 2: Antigua
  • 14.00 – 16.00
  • 2h
  • Stop 3: Panajachel
  • by Boat
  • 17.00 – 18.00
  • 1h
  • $70
  • San Pedro – Antigua

  • by Minivan
  • 09.00 – 13.30
  • 4h 30min
  • $20
  • Activities


    for 2 persons, 23 nights
    in September 2018


  • Maya Ruins
  • $40
  • Flores

  • Night Bazaar @Parque Concordia
  • La Casa de Enrico
  • Walking through the Streets
  • Rio Dulce

  • Jungle Tour
  • Cascadas Calientes
  • $47
  • San Pedro

  • Spanish School
  • 14 days
  • $430

  • Santiago de Atitlan
  • San Juan – Workshops
  • San Marcos
  • Hike to Nariz India
  • Market of Chichicastenango
  • $115
  • Antigua

  • Photo Walk with Rudy Giron
  • Cerro de La Cruz Views
  • La Merced
  • San Francisco El Grande
  • Convento Santa Clara
  • Antigua Guatemala Cathedral
  • Antiguo Colegio
  • $75
  • Learn Spanish in Guatemala and travel the Country


    Tikal – Maya Ruins

    Day 1: Tikal

    There in the rainforest of northern Guatemala lies an abandoned city that was once the center of the Mayan empire. The impressive buildings, the fact that you can climb most of them and the location in the middle of the jungle with all its exotic animals makes Tikal an exceptional experience.


    Island City of Flores

    Day 2-3: Flores

    Isla de Flores is so tiny and picturesque it almost seems unreal. There is only space for maybe a hundred houses and you can cross the entire island by walking in about 10 minutes. Similar to the old town of Campeche all its houses are painted in a bright colors and their doors are artistically designed.


    Jungle of Río Dulce

    Day 4-5: Rio Dulce

    This is the name of a lovely town at a river with the same name. And at the other side of the river there is a magnificent jungle that wants to be explored. Another highlight is a hot waterfall called Cascadas Calientes which is perfect to lose yourself in your thoughts.


    San Pedro la Laguna

    Day 6-18: San Pedro la Laguna

    This authentic village at Lake Atitlan is probably the perfect place to learn Spanish. For just a small fee you can life with a local family, eat and practice your Spanish with them and take private classes from a professional teacher right at the lake. You learn the language and get the complete cultural inversion including family celebrations, excursions, sightseeing and the best of the Guatemalan kitchen.


    Market of Chichicastenago

    Day 17: Day-Trip

    This mountain village hosts the biggest and most colorful indigenous market in all of Central America. Every Thursdays and Sundays, the entire city center turns into one gigantic market, where you can buy all sorts of colorful clothing and souvenirs, flowers, pottery and food. There is an entire street for selling living animals and the vendors are so numerous, you don’t even want to count them.


    Antigua Guatemala

    Day 19-23: Antigua Guatemala

    Antigua is like a poem. A city so full of beauty, history, wisdom and joy it is pure literature. Every wall, door and street of this ancient city is so picturesque it could be right out of a painting.

    You can climb the volcano Acatenango or spend your days strolling through the city and get to know its cafes, churches, monasteries, old ruins and people.

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