The most remote big city in the world?

24. November 2019

Actually Auckland is the most remote city of more than a million inhabitants, but Perth for sure feels more remote. But it is home to two million people and so big, that a bit of orientation is quite helpful.

Take a Selfie at the Rainbow Sea Containers

Maybe this is not everyone’s taste but in Fremantle they built a gigantic arch out of Ship containers all colored differently. And it is simply fun to go there and take a selfie.

Explore colonial Fremantle

Even though technically its own city it feels more like a suburb of Perth. And for sure one of its coolest ones. Most houses in the city center have a colonial style and there is a nice walking area with cafes, restaurants, shops and bars.

We loved this part of Perth and can especially recommend the Gypsy Tapas House for some exceptional tapas and the Little Creatures Brewery for some great beer tasting.

Walk around Elizabeth Quay

After some shopping in the center of the city this is a great place to go to at the water front. There is a cool pedestrian bridge to walk over and some pieces of art to admire.

Go on a little Wine tour in the Swan Valley

In case you don’t want to spend hours in the car to reach the wineries of Margaret River, the wineries of Swan Valley are perfect. They are only a short drive away from Perth and their wine selection is excellent. Just make sure, that you select the right wineries as otherwise your experience could have a bad aftertaste.

We went there with our friends from the Kalbarri NP Dominique and Stephanie and had an awesome time. Olive Farm Wines and the Upper Reach Winery were fabulous and we enjoyed our visit a lot. Olive Farm Wines does not harvest Olives anymore but they offer some great and inexpensive tasting platters. At Coward and Black Wineyard we expected to be able to combine chocolate and wine but instead we found a place that was so overrun by Chinese that we decided to leave immediately. Sandelford Wines looked better at first, but the Chinese lady doing the tasting was so unpleasant that we decided for the first time not to buy any wine but to pay for the tasting.

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