Happy Quokkas

25. November 2019

The absolute must do when in Perth is Rottnest Island. The most convenient way to reach it is by ferry and the best way to get around is by bike. Out of the three companies Sealink offers the best deal with AUD 80 for a return ticket and bike hire.

We took the ferry with Dominique and Stephanie to Thomson Bay and after selecting our bikes took off to The Basin. It was quite warm that day and so Dominique and Michel went snorkeling but didn’t stay long as the water was freezing. After this cool down the “Tour de Rottnest” continued via Geordie Bay, Little Armstrong Bay and Narrow Neck all the way to the end of the Island. The bays were stunning with the coral reefs so close to the surface we could easily see them from the shore.

We were looking for Quokkas everywhere but found a completely different animal at first. At Cathedral Rocks there was an entire group of seals sunbathing in the water. They looked so relaxed when floating on their back and holding their flippers up in the air to soak up the warm sunlight.

And when we continued our trip to the Wadjemup Lighthouse we finally found those adorable creatures. Our first two quokkas sat in the shade of the trees and we tried to take our first selfies with them. But it wasn’t until we had circled almost the entire island when we succeeded. And when we were back in Thomson Bay and found countless Quokkas, we also realized that it is of course way easier to spot a nocturnal animal later in the afternoon than during bright daylight. Nevertheless, we were happy with our achievement and celebrated with wine and beer at the “Thomsons Rottnest” and almost missed our ferry back to Fremantle.

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