La Paz - Santa Cruz - Sucre - Potosi - Uyuni Salt Flat

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for 2 persons, 9 nights
costs in December 2018

Hostal Naira, La Paz

Located in the heart of La Paz it’s close to every delicious restaurant and a main access point to the Cable Cars! It’s easy to walk around by foot and explore the small market places as well as get to the cable car stations.

$51 per night

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De Su Merced, Sucre

One of the most delicious breakfast we’ve ever had! It was a dream for every fan of cakes – apple, lemon, cheese or even caramel cream for every taste. Also the rooms are spacious and of ancient glamour. A wonderful place in the middle of the old town!

$55 per night

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Casa Blanca, Potosi

Simple but very good located we spent only one night in this small hostel. It’s familiar and has a kitchen as well as a small breakfast buffet. Easy and good for a night!

$21 per night

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Piedra Blanca, Uyuni

New and spacious the rooms in this hostel are comfy and modern. We felt suddenly home and the Wifi is pretty fast ;) Good starting point for a trip to the famous Salar de Uyuni – where you are offline for the next days!

$42 per night

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Salt Hostel

Two nights included in the trip to the Salar de Uyuni. Check next under activities!



for 2 persons,
costs in December 2018

La Paz – Santa Cruz

1h 5min La Paz – Santa Cruz
$ 190 (one way)
$ 34 Taxi to Airport

Santa Cruz – Sucre

$ 74 (one way)
$ 9 Taxi to Hotel

Sucre – Potosi

$ 10 (Taxi & Bus)

Potosi – Uyuni

$ 10 (Taxi & Bus)

South Uyuni – Atacama

$ 22
Our transfer to Chile was included in the 3-day-trip into the Salar de Uyuni. So you don’t need to drive 6-8h back to Uyuni and you can continue your trip in San Pedro de Atacama in Chile.



for 2 persons,
costs in December 2018

Cable Cars

A flying city tour! Is there a better way to explore a city than flying through it? In La Paz it’s easy to spend a whole afternoon in the cable cars watching the city fly by! We started in the center and explored all of them!
$ 10 for the tickets

San Felipe Convent

In Sucre – known as the white city – the most white building is the Monastry of San Felipe. The entrance is not easy to find, we circled the block for three times! There is a door right to the main gateway, ring the bell and register at the desk! The rooftop and the view is remarkable!
$ 2 for the Entrance

Torre Mirador

As the name already says on this tower you have a perfect view over Potosi and to its most famous landmark – Cerro Rico. The mountain shines in all color in the sunlight!
$ 3 for the Entrance

Silver Mines

The mines where millions of people died due to working conditions which were so terrible in this time. Potosi is infamous for being home to the former biggest silver mine in the world and we climbed down. Steeper and more narrow than expected it was impressive, interesting and scaring at the same time!
$ 27 for the guided tour

Salar de Uyuni

A 3-day-trip that should be on every travel bucketlist! An unforgettable experience which is so worth it. The salt flats with its endless white and the opportunity for the best pics ever, the several high altiplano lagoons with thousands of Alpacas and Llamas and the sunset over a magical mirror – just unbelievable! You sleep in basic accommodation salt hostels included in the trip.
$ 400 for 3-day-trip incl. meals
$ 44 for the NP Entrance
Tip: We booked our trip with Perla de Bolivia.

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