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South Australia’s Wines

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Scary Self Drive Road Trip in Sri Lanka

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Wow, today is our day N°365 on this incredible journey around the globe!

Welcome to our website and our long way in this spectacular world! We are Daniela (31) and Michèl (34) and we took our big step in May 2018, quitted our jobs in Switzerland, gave up our lovely apartment in downtown Zurich and flew to South Africa. We started our journey in the southern part of Africa, explored the endless wildlife, continued through North, Central and South America, reached Hawaii and arrived in Australia a bit more than a month ago!

All our travels are self organized and splitted in shorter journeys, which you find on our website! We’re happy you travel with us and love to welcome you as well on our other channels:

☆ YouTube: almost weekly video updates!

☆ Instagram: daily pictures of our travel!

☆ Facebook: pic & video updates!

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