Southwestern Coast

Margaret River - Albany - Esperance - Nullarbor

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Southwestern Coast

The longest Jetty?

The Busselton Jetty is 1.8km long and would have long fallen apart if not a non-profit community would have turned it into a place with an Underwater Observatory, a train, a museum and much more.

Southwestern Coast

Red Red Wine

Everything in the area of Margareth River is focused on wine. No matter what direction and almost how long you drive you will find countless wine estates. And almost all of them have open cellar doors.

Southwestern Coast

Giant Tingle Trees

Augusta has more to offer than one would expect. There are friendly stingrays at Hamelin Bay that swim so close to you that you could touch them.

Then there is a beautiful lighthouse at Cape Leeuwin where the Indian Ocean and the Southern Ocean meet. Further on your route you will discover Dave Evans Bicentennial tree. This tree is super tall and there are long screws drilled into it that allow you to climb up to 86m – if you have the courage to do so of course.

A bit less dangerous but nevertheless challenging is the Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk. This 800m walk up to 40m above ground is truly breathtaking.

Southwestern Coast

Giant Granite Rocks

Albany has a dark past. It used to be one of the biggest whale hunting cities in the world and strangely it is not ashamed of it. The former whaling station has been remodeled to an impressive open-air museum but the trade stays brutal. But there are also some beautiful displays about the whales including the skeleton of a fully-grown blue whale.

In contrast to the whaling station there is a granite sky walk further up in the hills that includes a massive rock balancing on its tip.

Southwestern Coast

Two People’s Bay

Denmark, no, not the country in Europe, the city in western Australia is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. One of them is called Green’s pool and is absolutely stunning. Right next to it is a bay called Elephant Rocks and this name is not an overstatement. The rocks in this bay truly look like elephants and are even bigger than those gentle giants.

Southwestern Coast

Great Ocean Drive NOT Road

Close to Esperance there are more outstanding beaches and bays to find. Just take the Great Ocean Drive and you will pass West Beach, Blue Haven Beach, Twilight Beach and end at the Observatory Point with a remarkable 360 degree round view.

Southwestern Coast

Kangaroos at the Beach

The beaches in Cape le Grand NP are so white – they almost blind you. And the beach at Lucky Bay was officially declared as the whitest beach of Australia. There is a campground right at the beach, but you have to book it in advance as it is almost always full. The reason for this is not only the color of the sand but also the fact that in the evening kangaroos are feeding from the dried seagrass at the beach.

Southwestern Coast

No Tree in the Nullarbor

How appealing is it to drive 1’300km almost straight through an area that does not even have trees? Well, if you want to travel to South Australia with your campervan you do not have a choice.

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