The wine capital of Western Australia

30. November 2019

Everything in the area of Margaret River is focused on wine. No matter what direction and almost how long you drive you will find countless wine estates. And almost all of them have open cellar doors.

We enjoyed two full days of wine tasting and had to be careful not to drink too much as otherwise the drive home would have been quite illegal. But before we started our two-day wine trip, we went to the Arimia Estate winery, to prepare ourselves with some great tasting platters and wines of course.

Our first day we started with some outstanding olive oil at the Petra Olive Oil Estate. There the kangaroos are relaxing in the shade of the olive trees. We continued to the Credaro Vineyards where the wines were so good that they only got topped by the hospitality. And we finished our day at the Woody Nook and Cullen wine estates.

Our last wine day we started at the Brookwood Estate that offered the best view of them all, then continued to the Voyager Estate with its outstanding garden and finished at the Leeuwin Estate that is not only a winery but also an art gallery.

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