Stingrays and Gigantic Trees

1. December 2019

Augusta has more to offer than one would expect. There are friendly stingrays at Hamelin Bay that swim so close to you that you could touch them. But as a nature respecting adult you of course resist the temptation. Then there is a beautiful lighthouse at Cape Leeuwin where the Indian Ocean and the Southern Ocean meet. Further on your route you will discover Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree. This tree is super tall and there are long screws drilled into it that allow you to climb up to 86m – if you have the courage to do so of course.

A bit less dangerous but nevertheless challenging is the Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk. This 800m walk up to 40m above ground is truly breathtaking. But the walk around and through the giant Karri Trees is amazing too. Some of those trees are burnt from the inside but as their live support sits in the walls they manage to keep living.

We had a fantastic time enjoying those highlights and as we met Christoph and Esther at Hamelin Bay we even had companions in the evening on the campsite at Pemberton. And we had some more companions there, as there were many Parakeets and Ducks inhabiting the campground and which we even were allowed to hand feed. One of the parakeets was so smart he even managed to get to the bird food we had covered with a plate.

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