Crossing the Nullarbor

10. December 2019

How appealing is it to drive 1’300km almost straight through an area that does not even have trees? Well, if you want to travel between South and Western Australia with your campervan you do not have a choice.

In the end it was not too bad, as we used those long straight roads to plan the next part of the trip, to process and discuss our experiences and to simply relax. The relaxing part sometimes got a bit difficult when road trains crossed us, as the air surge was quite massive. I guess we have never crossed as many road trains as on this road, but we eventually made it to Cocklebiddy, a place with 8 inhabitants, 2 eagles and 1 dog.

The next day we explored the Great Australian Bight Marine Park which offers a rough but spectacular coastline. We stayed there so long that we almost forgot the time, which is an issue especially after a 2.5h time change. We made it just before closing to our campsite in Penong.

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