Kangaroos on the whitest beach

6. December 2019

The beaches in Cape le Grand Nationalpark are so white – they almost look like snow. And the beach at Lucky Bay was officially declared as the whitest beach of Australia. There is a marvelous campground right at the beach, that you better book it in advance as it is almost always full. The reason for this is this paradise like perfectly white beach and the kangaroos that show up in the evening to feed from the dried seagrass at the beach.

The beach was so welcoming that we decided to take a long walk and look for kangaroos. Unfortunately non of them were around and when we found them in the evening we realized that they had been avoiding the afternoon heat.

When they hopped around at the beach on the search for food it was simply beautiful to watch them. The next day we also checked out the Whistling Rock and Thistle Cove. Climbing the Frenchman Peak we skipped, as the sky was quite grey and the view wouldn’t have been good.

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