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for 2 persons, 30 nights,
40/60 hotel & camping,
costs in June 2018

Hartmann’s Suite

A small guesthouse in Windhoek with huge rooms in a small house. A perfect fit for the first night before we got our camper van to travel Namibia and Botswana. For us it was just an overnight stop.

$63 per night

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Tiger Reef Campsite

A little campsite located direct at the ocean with little huts and tables to sit for lunch or dinner. The restaurant near by has a beautiful sunset view and serves tasty fish & chips and beer.

$30 per night

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Vingerklip Lodge

One of our absolute favorite hotels in the world. It is located in the middle of this Vingerklip mountains and the view from every luxurious bungalow is incredible. We recommend you: book a BBQ dinner at the Eagle’s Nest Restaurant – it’s the Best!

$120 per night

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Etosha: Okaukuejo Camp

Etosha National Park is so famous, the campsites are fully booked very early in advance. More than a half a year before we’ve been lucky to book a little bungalow in Okaukuejo Camp. It was small and cozy and restaurant serves delicious food!

$142 per night

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Etosha: Namutoni Camp

Etosha National Park is so famous, the campsites are fully booked very early in advance. More than a half a year before we’ve been lucky to book a very luxurious room in Namutoni Camp. It was perfect and stylish and restaurant serves delicious food!

$145 per night

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Shametu River Camp

A small campsite at the Popa Falls with your own little kitchen & bathroom. Here you can start your morning river cruise to visit the Hippo community living there.

$34 per night

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Elephant Trail Hostel

Kasane and Botswana are not budget destinations. There are several beautiful hotels, but most of them cost insanely. As the campsites are fully booked way in advance, we recommend you to plan your trip early. We stayed in a low-key guesthouse which was convenient.

$48 per night

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Muchenje Camp

A small and well looked after campsite to start your Safari into Chobe National Park. They organize Sunrise and Sunset Safari-Tours for you.

$37 per night

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Mankwe Camp

The most remote campsite we’ve ever been! Here you feel in the middle of nowhere in Moremi NP. Enjoy the animal sounds around your and light a bonfire at night.

$52 per night

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Old Bridge Camp

Old Bridge Campsite is the gateway to the Okavango Delta. We stayed the 1. and 3. night before and after our 2-day-trip to the river system. They serve nice food in their restaurant and it has a rustic safari feeling.

$20 per night

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Tautona Lodge

Need a break of Camping? We did and spent a night in this little lodge, enjoying the pool, a proper bed and fine food at the restaurant.

$120 per night

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River Chalet Mariental

The gateway for Southern Namibia, the Namib Desert and so much more. We spent 2 nights at this little familiar campsite and enjoyed our own onsite bathroom.

$12 per night

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Ai Ais Resort

Ai Ais means “burning water” and refers to the hot spring pools on this campsite. A very good place to relax after a day of exploring the Fish River Canyon and before driving south or north for hours.

$37 per night

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Sossus Oasis Camp

Campsites with onsite bathrooms located next to the huge sand dunes of Sossusvlei. The camp is next to its big brother resort where you can enjoy breakfast or a traditional BBQ dinner at the bonfire.

$33 per night

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Naukluft Camp

For us a one night stop on the way back to Windhoek. The campsite is located in the middle of Naukluft NP where mountain zebras and leopards are residing.

$31 per night

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Discovery Guesthouse

A modern guesthouse in Windhoek with a parking lot where we could prepare our campervan for returning. And they offer a shuttle service to the airport.

$70 per night

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for 2 persons,
costs in June 2018

Namibia – Part I

by Camper (4×4)

Windhoek – Swakopmund
3h 20min, 350km
Swakopmund – Twyfelfontein
4h 30min, 335km
Twyfelfontein – Vingerklip
2h 20min, 170km
Vingerklip – Etosha NP
2h, 195km
Etosha NP – Popa Falls
5h 50min, 620km
Popa Falls – Muchenje Camp
Muchenje Camp in Chobe NP
5h 10min, 380km

Botswana – Part II

by Camper (4×4)
Muchenje – Kasane
50min, 60km
Kasane – Maun – Moremi NP
10h 30min, 770km
Tip: We planned driving through Chobe NP, but had to cancel and drive all around via Maun to the southern tip of Chobe NP. Depending on the season, the sand is to deep and dry to drive through safely. Please check that before planning your trip!
Moremi NP – Maun
2h 05min, 100km
Maun – Ghanzi
2h 45min, 290km
Ghanzi – Hardap (Namibia)
7h 30min, 630km

Namibia – Part III

by Camper (4×4)
Hardap – Ai Ais Spring
5h 45min, 505km
Ai Ais – Sesriem
7h 40min, 615km
Sesriem – Naukluft NP
1h 40min, 95km
Naukluft NP – Windhoek
3h 20min, 255km



for 2 persons,
costs in June 2018

Twyfelfontein Heritage

We visited several points in the Twyfelfontein Heritage Site:

  • Organ Pipes
  • Burnt Mountain
  • Rock Engravings

  • $ 27 entrance

    Etosha National Park

    We spent 3 full days at the Etosha NP and enjoyed every second of it. In June it’s winter and therefor the bushes are thin and the grass is low. We made so many fascinating animal encounters during our stay!

    $ 13 per day, self-drive safaris

    Popa Falls Sunrise Cruise

    We enjoyed a private Sunrise River Cruise to meet the incredible Hippos and Crocodiles living in the river.

    $ 46

    Chobe National Park

    Chobe National Park is famous for its abundance of wildlife! The largest population of elephants and lots of Hippos to visit on the river. We enjoyed self-driving and organized Safaris.

    $29 Entrance per day
    $60 3h River Cruise
    $74 3h Sunset Safari-Drive
    $74 3h Sunrise Safari-Drive

    Day-Trip Victoria Falls

    The biggest waterfall in the world. The Victoria Falls located in Sambia and Zimbabwe can be visited in a day-trip from Kasane. It includes two border-crossing and a spectacular day with great views on the fall from both sides!

    $260 Day-Trip incl. Visas for Sambia/Zimbabwe

    Moremi National Park

    We spent 2 full days at the Moremi NP, but you can easily spend a lot more time there! In winter the bushes are thin and the grass is low. We made so many fascinating animal encounters during our stay!

    $29 Entrance per day
    $25 Map & Animal Identification

    Okavango Delta

    One of the most unique experiences you can make is a 2-day-trip to the Okavango Delta. Starting in a small wooden boat floating through the narrow channels of this river system, sleeping on an island in a tent and exploring the dry and wet land by foot and boat.

    $205 2-Day-Trip incl. food
    $35 Camping Gear (tent, mat, sleeping bag)

    Quiver Tree Forest

    A very special and unique forest in the middle of the desert. We’ve never seen tree like them before!

    $13 Entrance
    $8 Entrance Hardap NP

    Fish River Canyon

    Spectacular views of a Canyon likely as impressive as the famous Grand Canyon in the US. It’s possible to hike down the Canyon with a group and spend 5 days hiking. We enjoyed the rim view and a beautiful sunset as well as the hot spings in Ai Ais.

    $13 Entrance


    Probably the most famous spot in Namibia – Deadvlei and Sossusvlei. This unique desert and huge sand dunes are spectacular and worth every second of the visit.

    $13 Entrance per day

    Naukluft National Park

    One of the smaller National Parks with a cute campsite and the chance to see leopards living in the mountain ranges surrounding the park.

    $7 Entrance per day

    Namibia & Botswana

    Twyfelfontein & Vingerklip

    Day 1-2: Tiger Reef, Swakopmund
    Day 3-4: Vingerklip Lodge

    Namibia & Botswana

    Deep Sand in Chobe

    Day 10-12: Elephant Trail Hostel

    Namibia & Botswana

    Pure Nature at Okavango Delta

    Day 17-19: Old Bridge Camp
    Day 18: 2-Day-Trip Okavango Delta

    Namibia & Botswana

    Mystery of Kokerbooms

    Day 21-22: River Chalet Camp

    Namibia & Botswana

    Fish River Canyon

    Day 23-24: Ai Ais Resort

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