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San Francisco - Grand Canyon - Monument Valley - Vegas

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for 2 persons,
costs in July 2011

The Mosser

A boutique Hotel in the center of San Francisco. In an old victorian building this hotel offers you small and cozy rooms with a unique feeling of San Francisco.

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The Eagle Inn

Best Breakfast with Salmon and Cream Cheese Bagel. We recommend you arriving early in the morning to get the private space on the small balcony with the sun shining in your face.

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Se San Diego

Unfortunately this wonderful hotel is closed today – but there is a new one at the same location: Palomar Hotel. Modern and stylish pool area. It’s a wonderful area near to the Gaslamp Quarter for a stay of a few days in San Diego.

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Cameron Trading Post Lodge

If you would book earlier than we did, you’ll probably find an accomodation inside the Grand Canyon NP. There are only a few hotels inside, the Cameron Trading Post Lodge is close to the Gates and a good alternative.

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Quality Inn

In the Zion NP on the way to the Bryce Canyon you find this rural and basic hotel for a night or two. It’s unspectacular but nice in the beauty of the surrounding Nature. There are some nice dining restaurants around.

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Aria Resort

One of the most spectacular rooms we ever had. Welcoming by a lightshow and the opening curtains which give you a view over the main strip of Las Vegas and you are blown away. The hotel has everything you need: Pool Area, Casino, Restaurants, Bars and more. And the best part – even the very luxury hotels are so affordable in Las Vegas!

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Hyatt @Fisherman’s Wharf

Central located hotel in San Francisco in walking distance to the famous Fisherman’s Wharf where you can spend your eveninigs fine dining sea food. For rainy days the hotel whirlpool is a nice attraction if the winds are too freezing cold in SF,

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for 2 persons,
costs in July 2011

Zurich – San Francisco

  • via New York
  • 00.00 – 00.00 Zurich – NYC
  • 00.00 – 00.00 NYC – San Francisco
  • USD 100 (Round trip)
  • San Francisco – Santa Barbara

  • by Rental Car
  • Route N°1
  • via Carmel-By-The-Sea
  • 7h Day Drive
  • Santa Barbara – L.A.

  • by Rental Car
  • 1h 20min Santa Barbara – Malibu Beach
  • 1h 30min Malibu Beach – L.A.

  • Tipp: with traffic jam calculate a lot more time for this travel.

    L.A. – San Diego

  • by Rental Car
  • 2h L.A. – San Diego
  • San Diego – Grand Canyon

  • by Rental Car
  • 9h San Diego – Grand Canyon NP
  • Scenic Drive through red and colorful landscapes

  • Tipp: Calculate with some stopps for drinks and food

    Grand Canyon – Monument Valley

  • by Rental Car
  • 3h 30min Grand Canyon NP – Monument Valley
  • Monument Valley – Zion NP

  • by Rental Car
  • 4h 30min Monument Valley – Springdale
  • Plan a view stop @Lake Powell
  • Springdale – Las Vegas

  • by Rental Car
  • 2h 50min Springdale – Las Vegas
  • Las Vegas – Yosemite NP

  • by Rental Car
  • 8h 15min Las Vegas – Yosemite NP
  • 9h 50min Las Vegas – Death Valley – Yosemite NP

  • We missed Death Valley due to our Navigation System

    Yosemite NP – San Francisco

  • by Rental Car
  • 4h Yosemite NP – San Francisco
  • Activities


    for 2 persons,
    costs in July 2011

    San Francisco

  • Golden Gate Bridge – Drive to the other side
  • Fisherman’s Wharf
  • Ride with the old Cable Car “Powell-/Hyde-Line”
  • Alcatraz Day Trip
  • Lombard Street
  • Painted Ladies – historical Victorian houses
  • Pier 39 with Sea Lions
  • Coit Tower with a View
  • Route N°1

  • San Francisco – Santa Barbara
  • Carmel-By-The-Sea for lunch
  • Bixby Creek Bridge Viewpoint
  • Hurricane View Point
  • Pfeiffer Beach with Big Sur View
  • Elephant Seal Vista Point
  • Morro Bay
  • Beach @Santa Barbara

  • Santa Barbara Beach
  • Malibu Beach
  • Fun in L.A.

  • A Day @Universal Studios Hollywood
  • Chinese Theatre & Walk of Fame
  • Beach @Santa Monica
  • Booked Tour through the Hollywood Hills
  • Hollywood Sign
  • Beverly Hills & Rodeo Dr
  • Six Flags Magic Mountain – Adventure Park
  • San Diego

  • San Diego Zoo
  • Sea World
  • Shopping @Westfield Horton Plaza
  • Gaslamp Quarter for Dinner & Shopping
  • Grand Canyon NP

  • Bright Angel Trail
  • Tipp: It’s very hot, you need a lot of water and enough food

    Monument Valley

  • Pass the NP Entrance to reach the scenic View
  • Drive through Monument Valley (SUV needed)
  • Horseshoe Bend

  • Scenic View Point
  • Colorado River
  • Monument Valley – Zion NP
  • Bryce Canyon NP

  • View from Sunset Point
  • Hiking on Queens Garden Trail
  • Thor’s Hammer
  • Wall Street
  • Las Vegas

  • Lights & Action all over
  • Aria Resort & Casino
  • Venice Indoor @The Venetian
  • Restaurant “Top of the World”
  • Restaurant “TAO”
  • Ghostbar & Moon Nightclub
  • Studio 54 Nightclub
  • Fountains of Bellagio – every 15-30 min
  • Yosemite NP

  • Camping @Curry Village
  • Cozy River Canoe Tour
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    US West Coast

    Stop over in NYC

    When a delayed flight forces you to take an overnight stop in NY and the hotel room is filthy, it is best to skip sleeping and to explore the city that never sleeps. In one night you can enjoy the brighter than daylight Times square, pass by the Empire State building and the Rockefeller center, imagine yourself shopping at the 5th avenue, enjoy a burger at Hard rock café and party at the meat packer district till the sun comes up again.

    US West Coast

    Up and down in San Francisco

    “The coldest winter I ever experienced was a summer in San Francisco”. Even though this quote is not from Mark Twain as many believe, it has a basis in reality. The cold wind makes you shiver while riding up and down with the antique cable car, but latest when visiting the picturesque Pink Ladies, you realize that you nevertheless burned your face. Crossing the famous Golden Gate bridge, enjoying a clam chowder at Fisherman’s Wharf and imprison yourself at infamous Alcatraz are just some of this cities amazing highlights.

    US West Coast

    A long the way of Highway N°1

    For sure one of the world’s most scenic highways. A beautiful coastline and spectacular bridges but one element beats them all – Sea Elephants. What unreal, monstrous but fascinating creatures crawling from the sea to the shore. It is unfair to say that an animal disgusts you but when they sneeze it is pretty hard to find that compelling.

    US West Coast

    Santa Barbara &
    Malibu Beach

    On your way south you cross a truly unique little town – Carmel-by-the-Sea. It is home to many creative people and that is probably one of the reasons why it looks like they all live in gingerbread houses. Unfortunatly it is not documented if Clint Eastwood also lived in one of those houses during the time he was the major of the city.

    Further on your trip you enter the beautiful city of Santa Barbara. It inhabits a lot of mexican feeling and has just the perfect size, beach and atmosphere to stay for a few days.

    When continuing on Highway Nr. 1 you reach Malibu Beach home to many TV stars and itself a star in shows like Baywatch or Two and a half men.

    US West Coast

    Stars & Strips in L.A.

    A highway with some houses alongside is a description of LA which is not completely wrong. But one of its suburbs is also the center of the American movie production – Hollywood. There is the famous Walk of Fame, the Chinese Theatre and of course the Universal Studios. Even though Hollywood is not the center of the world anymore when it comes to films, it still plays an important role and when it comes to movie history it is still the best place to go.

    Besides many other things L.A. is also home to one of the most spectacular amusement parks in the world – 6 flags magic mountain. We simply recommend not to go there with a huge hangover – just saying.

    US West Coast

    Stop Over in San Diego

    Even though criticized from many sides because of their dolphin and orca shows, SeaWorld is worth the trip. Because what you see in those aquariums is simply outstanding.

    At the same time San Diego is also famous for its Zoo which covers a variety of animals rarely seen in any other place.

    These two parks alone are worth the trip but unfortunately people then sometimes forget about the city itself. This is particularly sad as it seems to be one of the cities with the highest quality of life all over the U.S.

    US West Coast

    Hiking the Grand Canyon

    The 10h drive is an event itself. You’re driving straight through a desert of sand and stones and its ever changing colors lull you in. After taking over several dozens of RVs you finally arrive at the biggest crack in the world – the Grand Canyon.

    Hiking down the Bright Angel Trail until you finally reach the lowest point is for sure not the worst way to spend a day but make sure you protect your head and don’t skip one of the water stations as you may otherwise spend a less pleasant evening.

    US West Coast

    Driving Adventure Monument Valley

    In so many wild west movies this landscape has been the secret main character and now you are finally driving through it. Having a SUV definitely is a smart choice when driving on sandy roads by those majestic giants.

    US West Coast

    Zion NP & Horseshoe Bend

    US West Coast

    A view over Bryce Canyon

    A long your way to Bryce Canyon you pass by the Horseshoe Bend which is absolutely fascinating and certainly worth standing the heat.

    Zion national park and Bryce Canyon are two other remarkable parks. In case we had to chose between Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon we would have gone for the later. Its hikes are beautiful and diverse and will not bore you for a second.

    US West Coast

    Vegas, Baby!

    Vegas is a must see. The city is intriguing with all its casinos, shopping centers, parties, shows and restaurants. But it is also fake. It has a fake Venice, a fake New York, a fake Paris, a fake Rome etc. So, in the end, the strip is simply a big amusement park for adults.

    For some it’s the amusement park and they will always come back, for others it is just a fascinating one-time experience.

    US West Coast

    Nature Experience at Yosemite NP

    What a change. After fascinating but fake Vegas it feels great to go back to nature again. Crossing the Death Valley is definitely an experience, especially when you are running low on gas.

    After surviving that, Yosemite National park rewards you with some of the purest rivers, trees and mountains you have ever seen. It is so pure that smokers are sent to the parking lot while the healthy have to choose between clumsy burgers and greasy pizza. But taking a hike or a ride with the kayak the next day will make you lose those extra calories.

    US West Coast

    San Francisco –
    Island of Prisoners

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