Playing around with Sea Lions

21. November 2019

This is probably one of the best things you can do at the Australian West Coast. Those creatures are so elegant and adorable and swimming with them fulfills you with so much joy it is difficult to put it in words. The sea lions you swim with are females and teenagers as the male adults could behave aggressive.

When we boarded the boat of Sea Lion Charters Jurien Bay we were glad that we had picked one of the warmer and less windy days. Because even though we were wearing a wetsuit the water was still quite chilly. But all this was soon forgotten when we reached the little island where the sea lions had their habitat and entered the water with them.

They loved the interaction and were super curious. When we dived down and held on to a rock, they started to check us out and even gave us a little nose to nose greet. And when we started to do rolls and flips, they did the same – it felt truly magical. They were not afraid at all, but maybe that is due to the fact that they are so much faster than us. One of the teenagers was even quite naughty. He kept biting our fins and sometimes also grabbed our legs and arms. This wasn’t painful at all but mostly quite surprising.

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