Pink Lakes are Fake

20. November 2019

Pink lakes seem unreal. You know that they exist because you have seen photos of them, but you were always a little bit suspicious about how much has been worked on these pictures. Well, the photos of the Hutt Lagoon don’t need any color grading as this lake is truly pink.

There is an algae living in the lake that produces beta-carotene. And although this natural food color is red-orange it is the necessary ingredient to color the lake pink. The salt content is so high, that parts of the lake consist of a thick layer of pink salt crust on which you can walk.

We loved this lake so much, that we tried to look at it from every angle. Unfortunately, the wind was so strong that Melvin wasn’t able to fly. We were still holding him, but he was already fighting the wind so hard, that we feared losing him the moment we let him go. So we didn’t and enjoyed the lake instead from the ground. With us were also a lot of Chinese and Korean tourists who were even sitting down on the ground, probably not aware of the fact that the salt would immediately attack their cloths.

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