Waterfalls and Huge Termite Mounds

23. October 2019

Situated right next to the big Kakadu Nationalpark, Litchfield Nationalpark easily gets forgotten but is so worth a visit. Reserve about one or two days to see all its attractions and you will not be disappointed.

Cool down at a waterfall

There are several spots to go for a swim but our two favorites were the Wangi Falls and the Florence Falls. As their names indicate they are both waterfalls and those falls pour into medium sized basins which are simply perfect to go for a swim.

Stare at a waterfall

There is one more fall to mention but we are not sure if you can actually swim in this one. But for sure the Tolmer Falls are worth to stare at. From the lookout point you can gain an excellent view on the arch and the falls.

Visit the termites

There are many termite mounds in and around Litchfield NP but there is one area where the most impressive constructions of these little insects are standing. There you can find buildings of up to five meters. In our opinion this is pretty impressive for an animal with a body length of only 5mm.

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