Swimming with baby-seals

16. November 2018

It was our last full day on the Galapagos and we celebrated that with work. We had already taken so many photos and videos that we needed to invest the morning to select and work on them.

But at around eleven we left for Playa Mann to enjoy the purity of San Cristobal for a last time. When we arrived at this beautiful little beach, we didn’t see them at first. But when we came closer, we could spot them in the rocks – baby seals.

Baby animals are generally cute by design but baby seals are simply adorable. When we watched two siblings crawling towards each other and then snuggle with each other our hearts were melting. And when they entered the water, we had to follow them to see them playing around in their preferred element. While snorkeling we also spotted a huge group of batfish feeding from the stones and different kinds of parrot fishes following the same habit.

Later that afternoon we took the speedboat back to Santa Cruz where we visited our travel agent Andrea for the last time. We told her how much we appreciated her work she had done for us and that thanks to her we had enjoyed our best Galapagos experience possible.

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