Climbing an active volcano

11. November 2018

For this day we had actually planned to go on a dive trip to a place called “Isla Tortuga”. But as the other couple cancelled, the tour operator didn’t have enough people for the tour anymore. In order to keep the chance to dive the next day, we moved our volcano tour one day forward.

Since our second day on the Galapagos, we were meeting up with Anna and Kristina from Austria, Oli from Scotland and Mehtap from Turkey for dinner. And the fact that Mehtap and Oli were joining us on the volcano tour made it even more fun.

The ride on the truck to the beginning of the path was still rainy and cold, but when we started the hike it had stopped raining. And after a while the sun came out and showed us her best smile. It was a beautiful hike over big volcanic rocks and our guide provided us with lots of information about the volcano Sierra Negra. He explained that this is the second biggest crater in the world and that during the last big eruption in 2005 half the crater was filled with lava.

When we continued our way on the rim of the crater, we reached a place where the volcano presented himself in all kinds of colors. There were black, red, yellow, grey and white stones and the stone formations and the view over the island looked spectacular.

On our way back it started raining again, but nothing could wash away the smile on our face we were carrying down from the volcano.

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