Blue feet & red chests

8. November 2018

This day was all about Daphne island and its surrounding. We boarded our full day snorkeling tour and as you can’t land on these islands, we drove all around it with our boat in the hope to find the famous blue-footed booby. We were lucky, in between a lot of marine iguanas and other birds, we found those birds with their weird looking feet. But we were even luckier as on top of this rocky island we were able to spot the rare magnificent frigate bird. This bird has a chest so big and shiny red no opera singer could compete with him.

When we arrived at our snorkeling spot the cute seals were already waiting for us on some abandoned rocks in the sea. But they looked lazy, so we could only hope they would later join us in the water. After jumping into the water we had to fight the current to get closer to the marine live. We saw big white tip reef sharks and small bumphead parrot fishes, sea turtles and many colorful fishes. And when we went back to the rock, the seals had given up their sunbath position. They swam with us and came so close we sometimes feared to bump into them. What elegant and beautiful creatures and incredibly agile and quick in the water.

After our chef had served us a delicious tuna lunch, we set foot on a deserted beach nearby before we entered the water again for more snorkeling. As expected, we saw less on our second snorkel but when our guide yelled shark and pointed to our boat a small race evolved. Everyone wanted to see the blacktip shark taking his turns below our boat. It was quite a big one and when I dived down to him to take a photo, I almost forgot that I was snorkeling and not diving and therefore had to return to the surface.

It had been a great day with a great guide, chef and group and we can recommend this tour to anyone who makes his way to the Galapagos.

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