Surrounded by sea turtles

12. November 2018

As no new passengers signed up for the dive, we had a day off. We used the morning to work on our photos and the next vlog before we took off to the Pearl Shell lagoon again.

This time there was much more animal action. On the boardwalk the marine iguanas already greeted us, but the show the seals at the end of the boardwalk offered us was unique. They were constantly switching places, jumping into the water and returning to the boardwalk. And of course, every move was accompanied by their characteristic sounds. While snorkeling in the lagoon we were surrounded by sea turtles who were feeding from the ground. A bit further we found a giant marble ray relaxing in an underwater cave and while continuing our snorkel a seal crossed our way.

Later that day we enjoyed another bumpy 2h speedboat ride back to Santa Cruz, where we got a warm welcome at the port from our new Galapagos friends and of course we met again for a delicious seafood dinner.

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