The highest capital in the world

17. November 2018

A taxi, a ferry, a bus, a plane, a bus and a taxi later we were back in Quito. This city is located on almost 3’000m and right next to the equator. This is rather impressive but also rather cold. And as it also rained quite a lot and we had to further plan our trip we made ourselves at home at the Selina hostel and only left for a free city tour.

The tour was nice but focused a bit too much on all the churches for our taste. But at least we got an impression of the city and had the chance to try some local food along the way. We also realized how fast you lose your breath in this altitude. Nevertheless, we climbed the tower of the Basilica de Voto National and enjoyed an impressive view over this big city before we headed back into the coziness of our temporary home.

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