Blyde River Canyon and a freezing camping night

12. May 2018

Our first stop the next day was the Lone Creek Waterfall. Clearly a beautiful waterfall and had the weather been a little bit warmer, we had considered taking a shower there. But what we experienced afterwards was of at least the same beauty as this wonder of nature. At the picnic area there were dozens of black families preparing their massive barbeques and while doing so they were listening to loud African music, singing its lyrics and dancing with the pure joy of life.

Our second stop was Gods window, a look-out into the Blyde River Canyon which is not only spectacular but also the whole look-out is designed like a botanical garden and we have seen some beautiful birds with bent peckers we have never seen before.

Third stop after more than 400km was our first camp site and as the sun goes down at 6pm in May we had to set up our camper for the first time in complete darkness. Fortunately, we are not completely stupid and therefore we managed it in a reasonable time. What caused me more trouble was preparing the braai, the South African version of a barbeque grill. As I haven’t done this in years, I didn’t use enough coal and it therefore took me almost two hours to prepare our sausages and the peppers but they nevertheless ended up quite delicious.

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