Arrival in Joburg, South Africa

11. May 2018

After a short stopover at Dubai International Airport and one of the most expensive beers ever, we arrived in Joburg, the largest city of South Africa. Immigration went smooth and the guy from the camper rental arrived so quick, he must have taken off before we had landed.

Receiving the camper was a story of its own. While we had to observe and memorize all the features this motor home has to offer we could enjoy the differing efforts of the two advisors. While one was black and super cool the other one was white and quite hyper active.

Once everything was set, we took off with our extra-large vehicle driving for the first time in years on the left side of the road to the next supermarket to stock up on food, beverages and other material for our three-week camping trip. As we figured, beer is not available in regular grocery stores and you have to buy it at specialized liquor stores but wine is fine. Obviously, wine is considered as a normal part of nutrition, but beer clearly is considered as alcohol.

After checking in at our guesthouse in Pretoria, the capital of South Africa, we learned about another characteristic of large South African cities. When asking for the walk way to a nearby restaurant the receptionist clearly did not recommend us to walk as she considered walking after sunset as too dangerous. I assume you receive this info in quite a few cities in the world but it was clearly the first time this has happened to us. In the end we ordered something from the delivery service and emptied our first bottle of South African wine to celebrate our first time in Africa.

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