Breathtaking moments with a lioness and her three cubs

16. May 2018

Sometimes you don’t need to see a lot to see a lot. While we started the day early, we didn’t see much in the morning. Two waterbuffalos crossing the street, a pumba on his knees eating and some impalas jumping around in the background.

But on our first stop we checked out the map with the recent sights and decided to go looking out for lions. When we came close to the marked spot we already saw quite a lot of cars lining up and after taking our spot we started observing. First, we didn’t know where to look, but when we discovered a dead waterbuck lying behind a bush we knew where to look at. First nothing happened, it took us quite some patience only to get the first glimpse of that gold brown lion fur. But then that beautiful baby lion left the bushes and started walking off followed by his sibling. They started playing and our world stopped turning. It was one of these moments when you forget to breath. Then another sibling showed up and finally the mother, tall and beautiful she was looking out for her cubs, making sure they didn’t do anything too stupid while playing. And she showed them how to eat the waterbuck, as one of her little ones tried to eat the head, where there for sure wasn’t much meat to find.

We stayed for more than an hour to watch these spectacular scenes and it was difficult to let go, but luckily, we shot some amazing footage which we will present you as soon as the first vlog is ready. But as we also took some amazing photos we can already share these pristine moments with you.

See a short video of the lion cubs on Instagram

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