Tarantulas at Night

12. December 2018

The next day we started on a two-day tour deep into the Tambopata Reserve. A long 4×4 and a short boat ride later we were at our lodge and checked into our bungalow. And shortly after we had stretched out in the hammocks the first animalistic guests arrived. A group of Squirrel monkeys passed the trees next to our bungalows on the search for food. They were followed by a group of Capuchin monkeys who normally don’t accept other monkeys but are fine with the Squirrel monkeys as they obtain a completely different diet. And on our first walk to the mammal clay lick we spotted our fifth species of monkeys, the Titi monkey. Titi is Quechuan and actually means Puma.

And then came the night walk. One of the first animals we saw was a mother with her eight babies but strangely no one in our group considered them as cute. Maybe that was bound to the fact that they had a hairy body, eight legs and eight eyes and were Chicken Tarantula babies.

Later we also spotted a Mouse Opossum, an animal that looked like a leaf, an orange and a black-yellow frog, a baby corral snake and a poisonous spider. It was quite a spectacular night walk.

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