Flat tire by night in a Nationalpark

17. July 2018

When we took off into the direction of Naukluft we still felt very satisfied that we had tried our luck a second time and succeeded but our luck wouldn’t last for long.

During our entire trip in Africa we had been driving more than 13’000 km, most of it on gravel road, and didn’t had a single flat tire, but this changed that night. Sundown had already passed when we entered Naukluft Nationalpark to drive the last 12km to our campsite when we heard this unpleasant sound of a flat tire. We couldn’t believe that this actually happened to us on one of our three drives after sundown and precisely on a road that nobody passed anymore, with wild animals around and no cellphone reception of course. And to make it worse the mechanism to release the spare tire was blocked and a wheel change therefore not possible.

We had explored every option and were seconds before trying to drive off with only three wheels left which would have probably ended in a disaster when I started hammering at the mechanism and shaking the spare tire with all force when it suddenly came loose.

We celebrated our arrival with a three-course dinner and some wine and beer and were also a bit proud that we had also mastered this challenge.

Back in Windhoek we enjoyed two great dinners at Stellenbosch Bar & Bistro and Joe’s Beerhouse before we took off to our next destination – New York City.

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