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The east side of the Eyre Peninsula is as beautiful as the west side. There is Port Lincoln with its fantastic sea food and the Lincoln Nationalpark with its sand dunes at the Wanna Lookout, seals at Donington Beach and a great place to swim at September Beach. Those who love street art, will feel […]

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Stingrays and Gigantic Trees

Augusta has more to offer than one would expect. There are friendly stingrays at Hamelin Bay that swim so close to you that you could touch them. But as a nature respecting adult you of course resist the temptation. Then there is a beautiful lighthouse at Cape Leeuwin where the Indian Ocean and the Southern […]

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Better than the Great Barrier Reef

Only about 1’500km further or two days of driving from Broome you reach Exmouth. This former US and now AU navy base is located right next to the stunning Ningaloo Reef. And this reef is also the reason why you have to include Exmouth in your Australia trip. Dive the Ningaloo Reef The best way […]

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