Wombats – The coolest animals ever

17. May 2019

Kangaroo Valley is famous, as its name indicates, for Kangaroos but also for Wombats. And when spending the night on the free campsite “Bendeela Recreational area” you will for sure spot many of those beautiful creatures in the evening.

We went there specifically to find Wombats but on our way we saw a dead one. This made us sad as it was our first. But shortly after arriving on our campsite we saw another wild Wombat and it was totally alive. I had seen one twelve years ago on Tasmania but it had been far away. This one was so close and as it completely ignored us while eating it even came super close. My love for those adorable creatures was sealed. Later we saw many more of those fluffy animals and also a few Kangaroos joined in. The night was freezing cold as without power our heater wasn’t running. But when early that night a wombat scratched his back at our camper and made the hole camper bounce our hearts began to glow.

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