Wine, wine and wine

14. May 2019

The hunter valley is probably the best wine valley on the east coast of Australia. There are so many excellent wineries to visit, that it doesn’t make sense to name them all. And one of the great features of those is, that the tastings are either free or their cost is less than a glass of wine in a bar. And if you are willing to buy a bottle of wine after tasting about ten of them you don’t pay the tasting at all.

On the first day we did a tasting at Scarborough, Brokenwood, and De Juliis. And they had all been excellent, but when we arrived at Tyrell they first told us that they would close soon. But then during the tasting we talked about everything but wine and had such a good talk that in the end they invited us for a free cellar tour the next day and gave us a free wine bottle.

We returned the next day and learned in two hours more about wine than ever before. We spent the entire morning there and made it only to a lunch place and with Keith Tulloch to one more winery that day. And in the evening we got invited to dinner from a group of camping pensioners – it was a lovely evening.

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