Wine and a whirly wind

29. May 2019

While the Hunter Valley is one of the main white wine regions of Australia, Coonawarra is one of the main red wine areas. Other than in the hunter valley they charge you even less – actually zero – for the wine tasting and some of the wineries are so close together, that on a nice day you could do a full day hike with stops at six different wineries.

But our day wasn’t a nice day. It was actually so bad that we immediately felt attracted to the open fireplace at the Katnook Estate. And it even got worse. While we were tasting an excellent Cabernet Sauvignon a whirly wind hit the building and shook it so hard that the dust was coming down from the roof. When it was over our host told us, that one of the winemakers just got lifted up and thrown over while he was working in the wine yard.

We were glad we had decided against the walking option and further visited the wineyards of the Di Georgo Family and of Rymill Coonawarra. The tastings were great and of course we also stocked up the wine storage of Tony. But we also decided that the weather was simply too bad to stay longer in the southern part of Australia.

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