Why is Chile so rich?

9. January 2019

One of the things we realized early when traveling in Chile, was that the infrastructure seemed to be in way better shape than in the other South American countries we’ve been to. The reason for this is, that Chile is the richest country in South America – but why?

Based on an article in the Guardian and the opinion of several locals the main reasons are: Chileans stick to the rules and therefore there is basically no corruption. Further on the national bank had kept inflation rates low and the government is very disciplined when it comes to spending the income it makes from copper. In addition, their policies are very economy friendly and focused on self-responsibility. But probably the main reason is the work attitude of the Chileans. They get up and work, as one local put it. That is impressive and makes us forget a bit of the arrogance that the Chileans put up when you interact with them.

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