We Lost it All!

9. December 2018

We were back in our hotel in Cusco to work on our pictures and videos when the worst-case scenario happened.

Roger had brought a hard drive to return to Switzerland with a back-up of our photos and videos. But two hours before we had planned to do our back-up Daniela’s external hard drive suddenly stopped running. It hadn’t been falling or anything similar, it simply stopped turning while she was working on some pictures.

We tried everything to get it running again. We even exchanged some of its hardware and tried to access it via Linux but nothing helped. All our photos since Mexico and all our Colombia, Ecuador and Galapagos videos were only on that hard drive. As nothing helped, we handed the hard drive to Roger who will take it back to Switzerland and somehow try to recover the data.

We were devastated and angry at ourselves that we hadn’t made a back-up earlier. We even thought about stopping our project. But we will try to continue with even more effort and enthusiasm and therefore subscribe to our channel so you won’t miss the next video. And if our data recovery is successful we will update our channel with even more travel videos from Colombia, Ecuador & the Galapagos!

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