We found them!

14. August 2018

After 6.5 hours of driving we arrived in a place called Palenque. We didn’t expect much and were even more surprised to find a cute little hotel with a pool right in the middle of a street full of restaurants that served some of the best food we had tasted in Mexico so far.

The next morning, we took off on quite a long drive through the jungle and curved through a mountainous road to see waterfalls called Agua Azul. We weren’t sure if we should take that drive as when it rains in the mountains the falls can be quite murky and therefore probably be disappointing, and it was rainy season after all. But we were lucky as it hadn’t rained for a couple of days in the mountains nurturing the falls. We were speechless of the sheer beauty of those falls. Compared to the Victoria Falls we had visited about a month earlier they were relatively small but in terms of beauty we had never seen any falls that could somehow compete.

We climbed up to their top and were even permitted to take a swim in its turquoise waters. We jumped in, swung in with a rope and took all kind of photos. But our flying travel buddy Melvin took the best photo of us all.

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