We abandoned Tony!

19. June 2019

As our visa expires after three months, we knew that we had to leave Australia at some point. But we had fallen so much in love with this country and with our campervan Tony that we decided to come back for another three months and travel the missing West Coast. And as we don’t like camping in the cold, we decided to skip the entire Australian winter and come back in mid-October.

Temperature wise this was a great idea, but it also meant that we had to store Tony somewhere safe for the next four months. An online search showed us that it would cost us several hundred dollars to store Tony for so long. But back in Melbourne our friend Erin mentioned that she had a step sister that lived close to Darwin and that she could ask her to store Tony. A week later she told us that her step sister had generally agreed but when contacting her, we didn’t hear back from her. Several days later we learned that she wasn’t home because of a serious family issue, but that she would make arrangements to store Tony. We totally understood the difficulty of the situation but the closer our flight came, the more nervous we got. And just two days before our flight we received the call from her partner confirming that we could bring the van the next day – we were so released.

The next day it was like saying good-bye to a family member but we knew that we would come back and that made it easier. And after all that stress, we enjoyed two relaxing days in Darwin and didn’t do much else than reading in our sunbeds and cooling down in Darwin’s artificial lagoon.

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