Vientiane in 1 day

23. July 2019

The capital of Laos is not as buzzing as for example Bangkok or Singapore but it still has some things to offer. And when you are there anyway, because your flight leaves from the capital, why not explore some of its highlights.

Walk around Pha That Luang
This golden Stupa is the most important Laotian pagoda. It has been built in the 3rd century but was destroyed and rebuild many times since then. It isn’t the most impressive pagoda we have ever seen, but definitely worth a visit.

Cross the Patuxai Gate
This gate is also known as the Arc de Triumph of Vientiane as it is dedicated to the Laotian soldiers who have fought in WW2 and during the war for independence against France. But it also has a second nickname, the vertical runway. Because to build it, the Laotian government misused funds and cement from the US, which were dedicated to build a new airport.

Shop and eat at the night market
Right at the Mekong river there is a night market which is mainly focused on the locals. There are all sorts of cloths, handcrafts and electronics on display and in a separate section all sorts of Laotian food to eat.

As we weren’t into shopping, we went directly to the food part. And shortly after we had sat down, our Korean tubing friends arrived. We spent several splendid hours with them, having dinner, drinking and discussion the entire conflict between the two Koreas.

Count the statues in Buddha Park
As we only had one day we didn’t make it to this park which is located about 30km outside of the city center. But this park with its 200 Buddha statues must absolutely be worth a visit.

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