Vicuñas: The Beauty Queens of the Andes

1. January 2019

Since we had seen our first Alpacas in Arequipa we were fascinated by these adorable animals and their relatives the Llamas. And on this trip we did not only see the domesticated Llama but also its wild relative the Vicuñas. They are of such elegance and beauty that we elected them as the beauty queens of the Andes.

We also visited the Salvador Dali desert which was named that way because it looks like the landscape in his paintings. And we went to the green lake and the white lake. And as on our third day we had good weather for the first time, those lakes actually appeared in their name giving color. In addition, we saw beautiful reflections of the volcanoes in those lakes and for once the flamingos weren’t constantly eating but standing on one leg and presenting their beautiful pink feathers.

But after these last highlights it was time to say good-bye. Seimen and Eva were going back to Uyuni to continue their trip in La Paz and later Peru while we were crossing the border to Chile. It was a sad moment, but also mixed with the joy of the great days that we had experienced together and that will always stay in our minds. Plus, we will see them again in February and therefore it was only a good-bye for one month.

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