World’s largest waterfalls

1. July 2018

That day we did some extensive border hopping to see the Victoria Falls from every angle possible. One of the owners of our guesthouse in Botswana drove us to the border of Zimbabwe with probably the oldest and rustiest car we’ve ever been driving with, then we got picked up by a guy from Zimbabwe who drove us to the Zambian border from where we walked to one part of the famous falls.

With their 1.7km in width and 108m in height the Victoria Falls are the largest waterfalls in the world due to their largest sheet of falling water, and they’re absolutely beautiful and stunning. To experience the power of those enormous falls makes you feel fully alive. They belong to the five biggest falls in the world and are almost twice as height as the Niagara Falls.

Over a small bridge you can walk to a plateau that is directly in front of the falls and thanks to the permanent spraying of water an entire rain forest has grown there. You can walk through that forest but you sometimes walk that close to the falls that you get soaking wet, even when wearing your rain coat. We also hiked down to the bottom of the falls to the boiler pot where the stream rotates like a whirlpool. Our walk up was then always watched by the baboons.

Then we made our way back to Zimbabwe and entered the national park also from this side. We got to the place that is called Devil’s Pool. We knew the picture, because when there is little water going down the falls you can actually take a bath there – but secured with a rope as we learned. During this time of the year the Zambezi River carries so much water you can’t even see the place!

We finished our visit with a beer at The Lookout Café where we enjoyed a marvelous view on the river and the canyon it had formed. But we had to earn our beer. Not only with all the hiking we did but also by passing three fully grown elephants on our way to the café. But luckily, they were in a good mood that day and let us pass.

Back in Botswana we went for a delicious dinner at the Chobe Safari Lodge before we went back to our guesthouse and immediately fell asleep.

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