12. September 2018

By boat from Isla Mujeres to Cancún harbor, by taxi to the bus terminal, by night bus to Belize City, by taxi to the harbor and by ferry to Caye Caulker. And in between we met an Aussi/Kiwi couple who almost stranded at the border as they didn’t have the cash to pay the Mexican leaving tax. Of course, we helped them out and kept meeting them during our stay on the island.

We stayed five nights on this tropical island and it left us with some mixed feelings. On one hand we enjoyed the diving at the worlds second largest Barrier Reef a lot. There wasn’t too much marine live but loads and loads of healthy soft corals. It was quite spectacular. And there was the Shark Ray Alley where we stopped for snorkeling after our second dive. As soon as we hit the water we were surrounded by sharks and stingrays. Luckily harmless nurse sharks who took us for a fisher boat that used to throw their leftovers into the water. Also, did we meet quite a lot of other travelers and kept bumping into them as the island was so small. And there was a little seahorse sanctuary at the Reef Inn Hotel where we could observe those fascinating creatures.

But on the other hand, there was the stinky seaweed and the hard sand that reduced the relaxation factor during our beach time quite a lot. The only places to avoid that was Koko King where they expected a minimum consumption, Split that had no real beach and the seahorse place with a tiny beach stripe. Also, were we shocked by the sometimes unfriendly, arrogant and macho behavior of the locals, especially after being used to the fantastic people of Mexico. Also, the high price level made our stay a bit less enjoyable, but at least the rum was cheap.

In the end we still enjoyed our stay, especially because of the other travelers, the diving and the rum but we were also glad when we continued our trip to San Ignacio from where we will explore the famous Mayan caves of Actun Tunichil Muknal (short ATM).

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