Udaipur – Best Things To Do

15. August 2019

It was our first time in India and we wanted to start small. We decided to put Delhi at the end and took a connecting flight to Udaipur.

From the moment we arrived in the city of the lakes we fell in love with it. It is called the Venice of India because everything is built around and on its seven lakes. It is mostly the atmosphere that makes this city unique but there are also a couple of things not to miss.

Eat Indian Food
The most obvious recommendation. But for some reason we both had never been to an Indian restaurant. But our first meal converted us from skeptics to fans. Since then we couldn’t get enough from the Daals, the Paneers and of course the Rotis and Naans.

Watch the sunset from a roof terrace
This beautiful city is even more stunning from above and it shows its best colors during sunset. Install yourself on one of the many roof top terraces or at the lake and enjoy the spectacle.

Explore the City Palace
It is the largest palace in Rajasthan and absolutely worth a visit. It is so big because it actually consists of eleven smaller palaces. The inside of the palace is a huge museum where you could easily spend a day but we tried to do it in 1.5h and failed.

Circle the Lake Palace
As this palace got converted into a luxury hotel it is now only accessible for hotel guests. But for all the non-guests there is still the option to cruise around the hotel with a boat or simply look at it from the lake shore.

Go down to the Gangaur Ghat
A ghat is a place where the locals can step down to a water source. In this case it is to access lake Pichola. This particular ghat is beautifully situated behind two stone arches and a stone platform full of pigeons.

Climb the Kumbhalgarh Fort (Great Wall of India)
This impressive fort is either a 2h drive from Udaipur or in case you take a private transfer to Jodhpur you can include it in your trip. Its wall is 38km long and with this length the longest consecutive wall after the Great Wall of China.

Admire the Ranakpur Temple
Not far from the fort is a stunning temple resting on 1’700 pillars. Unfortunately when we were there it was shortly before closing time and as we weren’t wearing appropriate cloths we only admired the temple from the outside.

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