Trapped in a two-day sandstorm in Sossusvlei

16. July 2018

Sossusvlei was mind blowing, in several ways. As soon as we stepped out of the car we realized the strong wind blowing in our face. This wind built up to a serious storm at night and not only made it impossible to cook dinner but shook our camper so hard it was impossible to sleep.

The next morning, we were tired and hungry but luckily, we were able to arrange an outstanding breakfast at the Sossusvlei Lodge right next to our campsite. This little break from the storm was necessary because when we took off into the Namib desert national park to reach Deadvlei, the storm turned into a sandstorm. We had only walked a few meters when we decided that there was no point in going further as we wouldn’t see anything of this marvelous place anyway.

After another shaky night and waiting for the sandstorm to calm down a bit we tried our luck again and this time we succeeded. Deadvlei was even more beautiful than we had expected it. There is this white clay like soil with black tree trunks that have died ages ago and it is surrounded by the most impressive red dunes you can imagine and covered with a beautiful blue sky.

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