The Three Best Things to do in Colombo

18. October 2019

Colombo doesn’t have the charm of Galle and also not the beach of Negombo but it has still some spots worth checking out.

Visit the Gangaramaya Temple

This Buddhist and Hinduist temple proofs well the possibility of a peaceful coexistence of different religions. Further on the smaller temple is nicely located on a lake and a row of buddha statues are covering its outer lines.

Shop at the Pettah Markets

This market is crazy. It stretches over four streets which all have a different specialization. While the first one is all about electronics, the second one offers cloths and the third and fourth one groceries. The market is packed and there are still cars passing through it but it’s a unique and buzzing experience.

Further there is the Red Masjid mosque in the middle of the second street. This building is probably the most beautiful building in Colombo.

Eat at a beachfront restaurant

Colombo offers many outstanding and for Sri Lanka expensive restaurants. But they are also really, really good. We had dinner at the “King of the Mambo” right at the beach front and absolutely enjoyed our evening.

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