The Four Best Things to do in Kandy

9. October 2019

Kandy doesn’t show its charm immediately but when you know what to do, then it is a wonderful place to visit.

Join a Cooking Class

Sri Lanka is famous for its curries and what better way to experience those than to prepare them yourself.

We decided for the “Best Kandy Kitchen” and were absolutely thrilled by the experience. We first visited the local market where we enjoyed the busy life of the merchants and bought all the ingredients for our dinner. Back in the kitchen we started to cook. It took us almost three hours to prepare ELEVEN vegetarian curries and one chicken curry. As we only have had breakfast, we were starving from hunger and our legs started to hurt from all the standing. But when we finally tasted our twelve self-prepared dishes we were amazed by the result.

It was such a thrilling experience to learn so much about the Sinhalese kitchen and to get to know the family of our host. We not only learned how the locals cook but also how three generations life together under one roof.

Curious about our prepared curries: Recipes

Visit the Temple of the Sacred Tooth

The artefact in this temple close to the royal palace is actually a tooth of Lord Buddha and was smuggled to Sri Lanka many years ago. It is part of the royal complex because it was believed that whoever possessed the tooth also possessed the power in the kingdom of Kandy.

When you visit the temple, you will most likely not see the tooth as it is only presented once every ten years. But the temple itself is stunning and in one section the entire story of the tooth is beautifully painted.

Visit the Big Buddha Statue (Bahirawakanda Vihara)

We tried to visit it, but when we were there heavy rain broke down on us. Fortunately, we could see it the next day when we climbed up to the Kandy lookout.

Buy spices at the spice market

You can either buy spices on one of the spice farms at a bit higher prices but in a nice surrounding or you can buy them at one of the local markets at bargain prices. The product stays the same and the explanations of the salesmen are free of charge.

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