The Four Best Things to do in and around Galle

16. October 2019

When travelling from Tangalle to Galle you pass four main attractions you shouldn’t miss. Three of them are on your way and the fourth one is right in the center of Galle.

Stop at the train station in Unawatuna

This picturesque train station owns its fame to Instagram and we only found it because of Instagram. It’s a tiny station with no parking possibilities and framed with palm trees.

Become a peacock in Merissa

Another Instagram spot is the painting of a peacock at the wall of a hostel in Merissa. You can stand in front of it and take a photo on which you look like this exotic bird.

Picture the Stilt Fishermen in Ahangama

It is one of the most iconic photos of Sri Lanka. The fishermen sitting up on their wooden pols, holding their fishing rod and wearing their traditional cloths. Unfortunately, they are not fishing like that anymore and only do it for tips. But they used to do it that way and it is therefore absolutely worth a visit.

When we arrived, there was also a bus full of tourists. And as their tour guide had already paid the “fishermen” we enjoyed a free ride. But normally expect to pay about 6 USD per actor.

Visit the Dutch Fort in Galle

This Fort includes by far the most beautiful old town of Sri Lanka. You can stroll through its cobblestone streets and look at all the beautiful colonial buildings and the light house. And you can buy jewelry, so much jewelry. There are so many stores that it looks like there is nothing else in this fort. But it’s worth going inside as the items are breathtakingly beautiful and the prices a bargain.  

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