Switch of Jungles – Africa to NYC

20. July 2018

That day was as long as productive. We travelled from Windhoek in Namibia via Johannesburg and Abu Dhabi to New York.

Even though we enjoyed the fact that we could work many hours on our next vlog and photos from Namibia, our backs started to hurt after 24h of flight time and we were glad when we finally arrived. In the lively neighborhoods of Tribeca we met up with Daniela’s mother, sister and brother who had arrived a day earlier and who we had not seen for almost three months. Such a reunion had to be celebrated and we did that with some way too big steaks – suddenly remembered the American size.

As Daniela’s mother and brother had never been to NYC before we did some of the musts the next day, including a boat trip along the skyline and passed the statue of liberty. Further on by foot to the 9/11 memorial, Chinatown and Little Italy. But right when we were queuing for the Rockefeller Centre to see the sunset over NY and all its glittering lights from one of the highest building this city has to offer, it started to rain. We found shelter and umbrellas at the Bubba Gump at Times Square. Even though we had bought the mother of all umbrellas we still got wet as the rain was pouring heavily.

We made it somehow to Ellen’s Stardust and after some more queuing in the rain we could finally enjoy the fantastic performance of the waiters. The concept of this exceptional place is, that all the waiters want to become musical stars and are therefore working there while going to auditions. And while serving the guests they are performing pieces of famous musicals – it was incredible entertaining. Definitely a must-do in NYC.

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